Product Details

Stylish & Strong

Frameless glass fencing is constructed with 1/2” tempered glass panes held in place by small stainless steel posts. The glass panels are immensely strong and are manufactured to order in almost any size and shape. The typical width for a two post panel is 72”. Marine grade polished stainless steel posts are attached to the glass fence panels prior to installation and then set in the patio using a core drill and a proprietary cement. There are no visible screws nuts or bolts. Posts can also be side-mounted or surface-mounted.

Low Maintenance

Frameless glass fencing is essentially maintenance free. We recommend coating the glass during installation with a special nano-sealer call DSS Reactive. This coating effectively makes the glass self cleaning.

Guaranteed Quality

Big Sky Glass Fence is committed to combining the best possible products with the highest quality service. Frameless glass fencing from Big Sky Glass Fence is the only glass fence that is tested and certified for use as a safety barrier or guard rail. In addition, we guarantee our installations for five years.